Get to know your friends inc safety

We care about safety

At Get to know your friends inc, We care about the safety about our users, Nothing is more important to us than protecting the safety of our members.

Safety for Teens

  • We don't allow users under the age of 18 to search for adults, message, send requests. Aka to communicate with any adults.
  • We don't allow adults to search for teens, message, send requests, Aka to communicate with any teens.
  • When it comes to images

    We don't allow images that contain:

  • Sexual activity
  • Gruesome crime scenes.
  • Bodily fluids including blood, feces, semen etc
  • Animal torture or killing
  • When it comes to videos

    We don't allow these kinds of videos on our website and or apps

  • Promotion of self-harm, suicide, eating disorders, or other acts where serious injury or death may result.
  • Dangerous dares games, battles or contests etc
  • Sexual activity
  • Child Endangerment or Sexual Exploitation
  • Users data

    We take our users data very serious and no one can see your info.

  • All data in our database is encryption meaning no one can see you info.
  • Deleted accounts

    Once we delete a users account for not following our rules we also ban them from creating new accounts.